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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it going to cost to have my garage (or attic, or basement, or whatever) cleaned out?

At Ace Junk Removal our fees have two components; one is the labor charge, the other is the disposal charge. The labor charge varies with the type of work we are doing for you so it's best to call our office and discuss this with one of our competent office staff. The other fee is the disposal charge, which can vary depending on where we offload your things. One state does not allow trash from another state to be disposed of within it's borders.

The fees can vary depending on where we are offloading and what the material is, but it's all based on a per ton basis (that's 2,000 pounds) and the fee is pro-rated based on the disposal weight.

There are disposal fees are hazardous waste items. Once upon a time you could throw away anything you wanted to and nobody cared—within the last decade that has changed considerably. All freon items (refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, and dehumidifiers) are $50.00. Box springs and mattresses are $47.50 for each piece. Most other items are $5.00 or less.

How soon can you get here for junk removal?

We try very hard to accommodate all of our customers. As soon as you see that you are getting ready please call our office. If removal is an emergency we will do our best to help you out.

I have some very heavy(or bulky) items. Can you get them out?

Please inform our booking agent. Usually we send out a two-man crew who are very good at getting everything into one of our trucks. We have electric cutting tools that we can send along and can also schedule a third or fourth employee to help out.

We have a houseful of old furniture and assorted junk to get rid of. Can you handle that?

Of course we can. If necessary we can send out two trucks and two crews.

My family wants to go thru everything before we dispose of it. What do we do?

We encourage you to sell or give away any items that have sentimental value, are worth money, or are just salvageable. It is our experience that the Salvation Army and Goodwill are only interested in items that are in perfect condition. Please have them come out and take a look at your things several days before we are scheduled to be there. Whatever you decide, just make sure that whoever claims an item actually comes and gets it.

This is a huge undertaking for us and we need to do it a piece at a time.What do you suggest?

We will be glad to make repeated trips to assist you.

Do you clean up?

Our men broom clean every room we empty out.

How about carpets and window treatments?

If you want it gone our men will pull up the carpet and pad, take off those curtains, and get them into our truck.